Case Studies

Over 25,000 Annual Moves, Adds, Changes

Fortune 500 Data Processing Company

A client found success maintaining data accuracy across a seven million square foot portfolio.

With a global portfolio of 160 buildings, 7.5 million square feet, and 40,000+ occupants, a client was a struggle to maintain accurate occupancy data with the hundreds of moves, adds, and changes constantly taking place.

The client was experiencing a 62% annual desk churn rate. That’s over 25,000 opportunities for data to become outdated as occupants moved desks within the company. From manual move forms to “midnight moves,” walk audits were frequently needed to verify seating assignments.

Each site was operating independently, resulting in inconsistent and unreliable data. Redundant processes were commonplace.

To improve the process, we worked with their team to understand the current workflow. Roles were then identified to support their portfolio structure—this included an admin as the “requester” and the site coordinator as the “completer.” With the new process, tools for automation in Wisp were introduced.

Using the Space Request Utility, admins submit requests, and the site coordinators review and approve the requests. With moves in the queue, a move sheet can simply be exported and provided to the move team. After a move is complete, the site coordinator completes the request within Wisp, thus maintaining a current inventory of people and space data.

This improved process with interactive tools has ensured that the appropriate roles have the ability to submit requests. It has eliminated the need for dual entry of move requests and streamlined communications with automatic e-mail notifications and move sheets. Most importantly, it is a proactive approach to keeping the data accurate.

Today, the company is in the process of aligning its locations and departments to adhere to the same process. What started as a pilot in their headquarters has been rolled out to additional sites.

Consistency and accountability is achieved through monthly standing calls that keep key contributors in close communication to discuss challenges and solutions. The company is now benefiting from more accurate reporting and significant time savings.

Services provided

  • CAD Management
  • Change Management
  • Automated Notification Configuration
  • Workflow Workshops
  • Process Consulting
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