COVID-19 Planning

Tools and services to quickly understand workplace supply and demand in a de-densified environment.

Big decisions need to be made about returning to the workplace, and things aren't business as usual.

We believe every organization should have the information needed to plan for success during these uncertain times. That's why we're developing new tools, new ways of thinking, and partnerships with our clients that are stronger than ever.

How do I plan physical distancing in my office?

How do I plan physical distancing in my office?

Our capacity planning tool, ReRun, will quickly generate optimized scenarios based on your physical distancing requirements.

How do I manage and plan occupancy?

How do I manage and plan occupancy?

With Wisp, you can create unlimited departmental and/or individual planning scenarios.

Who are my essential employees?

Who are my essential employees?

Gather feedback to inform a prioritization schedule of essential employees returning to the workplace with our surveys.

What is the future of the workplace?

What is the future of the workplace?

Our global team of consultants is ready to help your organization adapt to a new normal and plan for the future. 

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ReRun is a first step in capacity planning to accommodate physical distancing requirements.

Using generative algorithms, Gensler has developed a physical distancing tool, ReRun—a data-driven process for post-Covid workplace occupancy planning. While maintaining the existing layout of a workplace, ReRun can quickly generate many scenarios and identify the most optimized plan for a variety of physical distancing conditions, whether an organization has hundreds or thousands of seats.


  • Capacity planning analysis for multiple distance options for each floor plan.
  • Opportunities for maximizing density outside of the occupiable seats, such as within flex spaces.
  • PDFs and DWGs of your floor plans with occupiable seats clearly identified.


Scenario Planning with Wisp

After occupiable seats are identified in ReRun, a next step is assigning them to departments or individuals.

As organizations plan the return to work, phased approaches or shift work scenarios are being adopted to maximize seating utilization while respecting physical distancing and providing opportune times for cleaning.

With essential employees spread out across the office and temporarily sitting at a desk previously assigned to someone else, clear communication regarding the expected seat assignments can add transparency and clarity to all parties. Indicating the respective desks, break rooms and bathrooms to be used can also help facilities teams prioritize cleaning plans for spaces being used.


  • ReRun scenario(s) uploaded into Wisp.
  • Access to Wisp for three months.
  • Create unlimited colorized planning scenarios to visualize phases by department or person.
  • Plan and manage short term occupancy.
  • Maintain spatial data and workplace metrics.
  • Export capacity data reports.


Employee Surveys

Who are my essential employees? What does the future of work look like for my organization? Gensler has developed two surveys to gather insights that inform decision making now and into the future:

1. Workforce Demand Survey

Inform the prioritization schedule of employees returning to the workplace. 

Determining who goes back to the office and when is no easy feat. With a series of vetted and curated questions regarding department, team structure, technology, and personal insight—decision makers can gather the information needed to inform their strategy, including decisions about who needs to be in the office and which employees can remain working from home or come to the office on a part-time basis. The deliverable is the Demand for work seats in the existing office space.

How it works:

  • A leader of a department or line of business analyzes each team member in their charge.
  • Each team member is evaluated on their role and need to be in the office.
  • Priority for returning to the office is determined.
  • Key questions to indicate employee needs in the office environment and with colleagues.

2. WPI + WFH Survey

Measure space effectiveness, workplace experience, and employee insights.

Built upon Gensler’s WPI (Workplace Performance Index Survey), the WFH (Work from Home) Experience diagnostic tool is a proprietary, web-enabled survey tool designed to assess how employees are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey gathers data points about how employees previously worked in their office environment and how they are currently working at home. This is combined with employee insights, concerns, and what matters most when they return to the office environment after the pandemic and gives employees a voice into how they work and what they value.

The comprehensive survey includes three key question blocks, which can be combined or utilized individually:

  • WPI Pulse Pre-COVID-19: Measure how employees worked and the effectiveness of the prior workplace environment.
  • WFH Experience Check-in: Assess how people are working remotely (behaviors, technology, and communication patterns).
  • Post-COVID-19 Opinions: Gather employee opinions on the return to the office (what might/should change and what they value most).


Future Workplace Planning

The journey back to the workplace will require companies to strategically rethink the office to accommodate new employee expectations and ways of working.

Our global team of consultants and strategists is ready to help your organization recover, adapt to the new normal, and plan for the future. We blend proven research, tools and methodology with the innovation that comes from design thinking to deliver meaningful change and lasting results.

There will be a new definition of the workplace, and we are here to help you define these changes and crate a new vision. We are looking at the next generation of work to incorporate your business goals, how you drive innovation an balance it with all employee needs.


The workplace still matters.

Building community, reinforcing our organization’s culture, and strengthening relationships with colleagues is still what the workplace is all about when we return.

Whether it’s ReRun, Wisp, Surveys, or future needs for consulting services, we have a deep bench of strategists and analysts who are well-versed in supporting the evolving workplace. Let’s talk.

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